Arnold Matthews
Best Be Comfortable Club

Unliked by the greedy, life changing to the needy

Worldwide published Author and Poet Arnold Matthews invites you to his Consortium, the fairest plan ever devised.

Having just completed his book 'WORDS' started after three years in Canada in 1970 experts have told him he has written it in the style of 'Mindfulness' or positive thinking.

Though basically poetry and prose, it is more than that and is offered as a means of contemplating of the meaning of life.

Something else - 'Best Be Comfortable with Money'

The intention of the plan after reading the book 'WORDS' is to follow our new plan by using the present day distribution of 'National Savings Premium Bonds' presently distributing over five hundred million pounds in prize dividends income tax free monthly.

By entering our share plan, you and your family and friends may latch onto this existing opportunity by sharing in this great amount of money.

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